So you’re moving out of your family residence and into your own humble home. Achievement unlocked! Be careful not to get carried away by the excitement though. Fight the urge to go on a shopping spree just to fill every blank surface. There is no rush, it’s best to take your time with the interior design. Think about what you really want and what you can really use for the long haul. 

Have you been dreaming of having a sleek kitchen with integrated appliances, like what you see in lifestyle magazines? Go for it! Not only does the use of built-ins give a room an amazing vibe, it also creates more floor space and allows for more open countertops.

Of course you can’t just install any piece of appliance. You should not compromise quality. After all, your property is an investment. Choose a brand that is trusted like Smeg. Throughout its 74-year history, Smeg has established a stellar reputation among homeowners and industry experts.



You can have the Smeg emblem in your kitchen without having to shell out so much. We have a line of built-in hobs and hoods for those watching their budget. Italian excellence minus the big expense.

For P9,995, you can get a 30cm Smeg S232XC-1 Hot Plate with 2 electric plate cooking zones. It comes to mind for compact kitchens, and for those who do not plan to cook too often. The heat level can be adjusted in 6 different ways, up to 2.0 kW. The big and small cooking zones do not require special cooking vessels, the usual pots and pans can be used. 



If a 4-zone electric hob is preferred, the 60cm Smeg SE435S Hot Plate is a steal at P20,995. More zones means more dishes can be prepared simultaneously. It also has 6 power levels to choose from, with 2.0 kW as the maximum. 

Hot plates utilize thermal conduction as a way of cooking. The operation is pretty rudimentary. Basic yet effective and definitely value for money.



Those who want to have a visual grasp on the heat level can opt for the gas-powered Smeg S64S. Priced at P19,995, it measures 60cm and has four burners that generate up to 3.10 kW. It is equipped with multiple safety features such as the automatic electric ignition. At a push and turn of the knobs, the burners automatically ignite. This is more convenient and less prone to accidents than a manual ignition. Gas safety valves regulate the flow of gas through the hob and prevent its flow when the hob is not in use.

To keep the air fresh-smelling, we recommend that you pair your built-in hob with a hood. The additional P19,995 will go a long way in style and comfort. Having a hood completes the look of your kitchen. More importantly, it expels odors, smoke, grease and other pollutants produced during cooking. Having a hood helps keep the temperature in the room low too. 



The Smeg KD6XE is a 60cm wall-mounted trapezoid chimney hood with three extraction speeds controlled by a sliding lever. The Smeg KD91XE2 is a wall-mounted trapezoid chimney hood as well, but bigger at 90cm. It boasts of 3 aluminum anti-grease filters and has a maximum extraction rate of 580 m3/h. Buttons control the extraction speed settings. 

These models of Smeg built-in hobs and hoods fit seamlessly into all home designs. Even if you do a drastic remodel and swap out finishes and colors, they can stay in place and still blend in.

Let us help you build your dream kitchen. Visit the Smeg Experience Center in Park Terraces, Makati or Design Center, Mandaue. You may also purchase online at For inquiries, message the Smeg concierge at or @smegphilippines on Instagram and @smegph on Facebook.