You want to learn how to bake? You want to bake for your loved ones? You want to sell baked goodies? You can do all the baking that you want with the Smeg ALFA43K Home Business Oven. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker planning to go into business, you will be pleased with this compact countertop electric oven. It performs at a professional level but is not intimidating to newbies. It is very user-friendly, with uncomplicated knobs for the temperature setting which ranges from 50°C to 250°C, and the timer which clocks up to 60 minutes.



To get started, you can just clear a little corner on your kitchen countertop and you’re all set. Or you can use a small table customized to your height. Definitely no crouching needed when using the Smeg ALFA. It doesn’t really require much space, it measures only 24 x 23 x 21 inches which also makes it easy to transport. So if you happen to move around a lot or if opening a pop-up kitchen is on your mind, then the Smeg ALFA is convenient. 



You will be surprised to discover that within is a 54-liter chamber with four layers that are set 3 inches apart. Each shelf is provided with a flat aluminum tray measuring 17 inches x 12 inches. So baking in large batches is not an issue. Those in the bread business will be delighted to know that this little appliance can accommodate a hundred pieces of typical-sized pan de sal. Cookie count is three dozens in one go. Fast and even baking is assured by two powerful heating elements, one on the cavity roof and another on its base. A fan in the rear portion guarantees excellent airflow control. Because heat distribution is uniform and optimal, the baking result is consistent on all shelves despite a full load. The Smeg ALFA is built to meet high production demands, it is designed for more than household use.  

You don’t have to limit your menu to bread and pastries, the Smeg ALFA can also be used for roasting and baking savory dishes. Best of all, you can bake different items simultaneously and the odor and flavors will not intermingle or be transferred. 

Hard to believe but this hardworking oven only consumes 3.0kW per hour which is equivalent to a reasonable electricity spending of approximately P36.00 per hour. With the efficiency that the Smeg ALFA offers, you can save precious time, energy, and money. It is no doubt a worthy investment.



And because it has the Smeg logo, you are guaranteed reliability and durability. From the outside, the Smeg ALFA looks refined and modern with its stainless steel finish. The robust construction is very apparent. Inside, it is flawlessly coated with Smeg’s patented Ever Clean Enamel which prevents cracking. This exceptional interior surface also enables easy removal of grime and grease from splashes and drippings. To further aid cleaning, the inner glass of the double glazed drop-down door is removable. The Smeg ALFA makes every aspect of baking effortless.



The Smeg ALFA43K Home Business Oven is available at the Smeg Experience Center in Park Terraces, Makati and Design Center, Mandaue. You may also purchase online at For inquiries, message the Smeg concierge at or @smegphilippines on Instagram and @smegph on Facebook.