Small does not have to mean terrible. If your kitchen is not quite the size you dreamed it would be, don’t fret. It’s design and functionality that matter. Build your kitchen with this in mind.


It is important that you plan the layout well, use every square inch wisely. Figure out the most efficient and ergonomically correct placement of furniture and appliances. This can get technical, so don’t hesitate to consult a professional.  Set your priorities, decide on what’s most important for you to have in your kitchen. Settle on the look you want so you can work around it. Explore the web for pegs. There are a gazillion styles out there. 


To get you started, below are some small kitchen design ideas:

1. Go Light


Light colors visually expand space so a pale palette will make your small kitchen feel larger. White is the top suggestion for wall paint because it is reflective. If you’re worried that it will make your little nook boring, make up for the absence of wall color by being more adventurous in what to put inside your kitchen. Get yourself some vibrant wares, tools, and appliances that can serve as accent pieces like a Smeg toaster and a Smeg kettle. Not only can they add charm to your place, but they can also elevate your breakfast experience and put you in a sunny mood. Because aside from being lovely to look at, they can get your breakfast ready quickly. The Smeg kettle can pour out hot water in under two minutes. And the Smeg toaster can pop out lightly toasted bread in 1.5 minutes. 

2. Keep It Open


How do you organize a small kitchen? Instead of cupboards, consider installing open or floating shelves with as many layers as you can reasonably accommodate. Open shelves will give your kitchen an airy vibe plus they make it easier to reach for frequently-used items. This storage style will double as a display, so keep it organized. You can curate what you place on the shelves based on a theme or a motif. Feel free to show off your favorite things. Park the eye-catchers there like the Smeg blender and stand mixer. Their retro curves and glossy finish make them fantastic conversation pieces. They’re very functional and versatile too so you’d want to keep them on the more accessible lower levels because chances are, you’ll be switching them on often. The blender will encourage you to get into a regular healthy smoothie habit. While the stand mixer, with its multitude of accessories, can be an all-around kitchen ally. It can help you do pretty much everything, from mixing pastry batters and kneading bread dough to rolling and cutting pasta and even churning ice cream.

3. Simplify


Go minimalist and opt for panel-ready appliances that can be seamlessly integrated into your cabinetry. Compared to freestanding appliances, built-ins leave more countertop space and create more floor space. In addition, they make your kitchen look sleek and put-together. Smeg has built-in microwave ovens, refrigerators, ovens and hobs, coffee makers, and dishwashers that are space-saving solutions. If you have a compact kitchen, chances are, you won’t have a large sink so a dishwasher is something to seriously consider. A freestanding model that’s ready to use as soon as it’s plugged into an electric outlet and connected to a water line is available too.


4. Get Out of the Kitchen


If space is really tight, don’t insist on keeping everything in the kitchen.There are home appliances that you can move to other areas of the house, like the refrigerator. The dining room makes the most sense as a second location choice for it.  If you have a Smeg Fab, it will look fantastic anywhere. Known to many as functional art, the Fab makes for impressive decor in your living room or the den. It has become iconic with its rounded corners, chrome details, and stand out colors. But it’s not all about aesthetics, its no-frost function provides superb convenience, and inverter technology with A+++ energy-efficiency grade makes it a practical purchase. Aside from the Fab, Smeg also carries side by side refrigerators as well as built-in models. 

5. Roll Around


Invest in a moveable kitchen island, a bar cart, or anything with wheels that you can roll to wherever it is needed or wherever it will fit. It is flexible and can adjust to your need. It might be a nice spot to line up your coffee appliances. Smeg has a complete selection that will bring out the barista in anyone. Drip filter coffee machines for a soothing americano, espresso machines for a caffeine fix in a demitasse, milk frothers to fully enjoy a macchiato, coffee grinders because nothing compares to coffee ground on demand. You can push your coffee corner on wheels to the dining room for extended dinner chats or the living room for a nightcap. Make the most out of it by constructing storage shelves underneath.

6. Look in the mirror


A mirrored backsplash would open up the space further and bounce the light around. It will also make a nice backdrop to any of Smeg’s built-in ovens and hobs or freestanding range cookers. Thanks to Smeg’s thermo-insulated technology, the exterior of the range cookers stay cool all the time so you don’t have to worry about paint chipping or wood treatments warping because of the heat.

7. Freshen Up


If possible, have a lot of windows. This will contribute to making your kitchen look less cramped. More importantly, it will allow fresh air in and bad odor out. But the better solution to odor issues is a kitchen hood. Smeg offers different types of hoods, from the standard decorative to integrated hood, and the ultimate downdraft hood which is built into your counter and rises. A Smeg hood has a powerful extraction rate of  578 cubic meters per hour at the highest setting, and can immediately extinguish any unpleasant cooking smell. This is recommended for apartments from 30 to 100 square meters in size. And the good news is the hood can be designed to blend in perfectly with your kitchen without taking too much space. 


May these small kitchen design tricks inspire ingenuity as you work on one of the most important areas of your home.


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