With all the recent occasions, we have been swimming in a sea of red. The color is representative of Valentine’s Day and its celebration of love and passion. On Chinese new year, there was also a prevalence of red because it is generally believed to symbolize good fortune in Chinese culture. And if you rewind a little further, you will recall that pretty much everything was also decked out in red last Christmas, a tradition that is said to have stemmed from the blood that Jesus shed during his crucifixion.


Red has many meanings. It signifies richness and luxury, it makes you think of a red sports car or the red carpet, doesn’t it? Red is also the color of victory. Experts have said that athletes demonstrate better physique and increased performance when in a red room. Red is associated with action and energy too. 


On the extreme opposite of the spectrum, red is the color of the universal symbol for stop. Warnings are also marked red because the color also represents danger. You must be familiar with the expression “seeing red” which translates to anger. Apparently, red stands for rage too.


No matter the meaning, red radiates intense power and is simply appealing to many. In fact, it is the first color that babies see because it has the longest wavelength. It is seductive, studies show that those dressed in red are perceived more alluring, even waitresses in red outfits receive bigger tips. 


The attraction extends to food, appetite is heightened by the color red. Perhaps it can make cooking taste better as well. If you’d like to put some red in your kitchen – as the main color motif or just an accent - Smeg is what you’re looking for. The Italian brand has several red items on its roster. 

Red free-standing cooker

The red Portofino free-standing cooker will grab your attention and keep your passion for food burning. This design line is inspired by the lively Mediterranean harbor of the village known as the holiday destination of celebrities. Whether you’re cooking just for your family or a bigger party, this high-performing yet energy-efficient piece of equipment can help you do the job.


Red refrigerator

A totally cool idea is to have a red Smeg FAB refrigerator in your space. The FAB never fails to elicit a wow. The 2-door FAB 32 will be a standout in any kitchen while the more compact and sleek FAB 28 would look fantastic even in the living room. On the other hand, the mini FAB 5 can fit in anywhere from your office to the bedroom. 


Red coffee appliances

Smeg’s line of red coffee appliances is guaranteed to perk up your mornings. 

Ignite your fervor for coffee with the red Smeg espresso coffee machine. It’s more than just a single or double-shot dispenser, it has settings that let you experiment with a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, even an americano. And that small detail on top of its beautiful red body is actually a cup warmer.



Pull yourself out of bed with the energizing red Smeg drip filter coffee machine. It is so easy to use and is equipped with a timer for scheduled brewing. It can produce anywhere from four to 10 cups of delicious coffee. 



Awaken your senses with fresh ground coffee from a red Smeg coffee grinder. It operates with a conical burr that delivers a consistent grind whether fine, coarse or, anything in between. It offers 30 grinding levels to choose from. 

Get inspired by the red Smeg milk frother and whip up some art in a cup using its ergonomic handle. The image you create is a nice bonus to the thick and creamy milk froth that the machine can produce for your cappuccino, latte macchiato, and flat whites. You can also use it to come up with cold foam for milkshakes.  

Red small appliances


For a pop of red, Smeg has a line of small appliances for any corner.


Start your days bright and right with bursts of red in your breakfast nook. The red Smeg toaster and has eight browning settings to choose from and the red Smeg kettle can warm up your water in under two minutes. 



Having a red Smeg citrus juicer can get you more enthusiastic in watching your health and preparing nutritious drinks from freshly-squeezed fruits. It helps you get every drop of goodness from your lemons and oranges and provides convenience every step of the way, down to the cleaning.



Chances are, you’ll be more eager with food preparation if you own a red Smeg blender. Behind the striking build is a stable and sturdy quality that makes it dependable. It operates on three functions that deliver consistent texture, as professionals attest. 



It will be a challenge for the avid baker and cook to get by without the Smeg stand mixer. The red variant is a premium model, with both the body and base in red. It has 10 settings and can do heavy-duty tasks with its powerful motor. Aside from the standard whisk, paddle, and dough hook attachments that it is packaged with, it has other accessories that can be purchased separately such as a pasta roller and cutter, slicer and grater, and ice cream maker.



If you’d like to color your kitchen red with Smeg, visit the Smeg Experience Center at Park Terraces in Makati or Design Center in Mandaue. Or you may shop online at www.smegphilippines.com. For inquiries, message the Smeg concierge at sales@smegphilippines.com or @smegphilippines on Instagram and @smegph on Facebook.