Erwan Heussaff has gone a long way from blogging about his weight loss journey. What started out as a hobby more than a decade ago has grown into a production company. “I’ve always been very passionate about putting high quality food, travel, and documentary content online,” he states.


Through The Fat Kid Inside Studios, Erwan creates content that supports marketing campaigns of brands. More importantly, he tells stories that boost awareness of small entrepreneurs as well as shine a spotlight on local products and traditions that do not receive much attention. 

“A good story is something that doesn’t need to be decided on. It’s something that when you read it, it hits you and you want to create impact for people who are creating impact in their community, and that’s what we want to do. We just want to be a conduit to great stories, to great people who are doing great things. A lot of the time, we focus on trying to find those stories or those that can inspire, those that aim to preserve cultural identity, or those who aim to teach. We always look for people who have goals and objectives that we can translate and be their mouthpiece online,” explains the French-Filipino content creator.