The cookware that arrived is not enough to contain our excitement. Yes, Smeg pots and pans are now available and we can't wait to showcase them! But the supply on hand is very limited so before we open our shelves to everyone, we thought we'd share the news with you first and give you a shopping head start.


You will be inspired to whip up dishes with these very special utensils:



Frying Pan 

You can choose between the 26cm and 30cm, depending on the cooking method you have in mind and the quantity you intend to prepare. The low sides make it easy to use the tossing technique to mix and move food around, and to pour its contents into plates. 




Thanks to its high sloping sides, the 30cm wok is perfect for mixing and tossing ingredients with ease. You can use it for anything from pasta and rice to vegetables and seafood.



Deep Pan with Lid

With a capacity of 3.7 liters and a diameter of 28 cm, its wide bottom and low sides make this suitable for sauces and braised dishes. It is also recommended for items which need to be finished in the oven. 



Casserole Dish with Lid

High-sided with a capacity of 7.7 liters and a diameter of 26 cm makes it the best go-to for stewing, braising, boiling pasta, and cooking vegetables. 


Every item in the Smeg cookware range is made in Italy and created in collaboration with Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti of multi-awarded Italian agency, deepdesign®.


The unique collection takes inspiration from the iconic retro line of Smeg -  the body of the pots and pans brings to mind the soft, curvaceous lines of the 50s style small kitchen appliances while the refined stainless steel handles replicate the grooves of the FAB refrigerator door details. And true to Smeg fashion, color is not confined to the classic black, there is also elegant cream and vibrant red.


Going beyond aesthetics, the special patented shape guarantees uniform heat distribution and excellent adherence of the steel base to the aluminum body. Smeg Cookware is produced from cold forged aluminum. The forging process makes it possible to preserve the thickness of the base and prevents it from being susceptible to denting. At the same time, it allows the thickness to be reduced in areas where it is not essential so the pots and pans are never heavier than necessary, therefore not difficult to handle. Aluminum ensures optimum thermal conductivity and the capacity to distribute heat uniformly over the whole surface avoids formation of hot spots where food could burn.



With the patented steel base, Smeg cookware is versatile and compatible with different hobs - whether gas, induction, electric or ceramic. Best of all, they’re safe for oven use too. 


The internal 3-layer non-stick coating eliminates the need to use unhealthy amounts of oil and fat. It does not alter the taste of food, is particularly resistant to high temperatures of up to 250C/480F, and is therefore suitable for all methods of cooking. The ability to keep food from sticking to the bottom or sides of the pan during cooking ensures that toxic substances are not formed.


The stainless steel handles are ergonomic and comfortable to grip, they’re riveted to the body, durable, and able to withstand high temperatures. The tempered glass lid of the deep pan and casserole have steel knobs and steam vents to avoid pressure buildup and liquid content from bubbling over. They’re transparent for convenient monitoring of cooking progress. Everything is dishwasher-safe and handle slots ensure optimum water drainage when washing.



Clearly, the details are well thought out and the consumers needs considered. This level of quality has defined Smeg for more than seven decades. There is enormous amount of attention given to design and technological features before any product makes it out of the Guastalla headquarters in Italy. You’ve experienced this excellence from your Smeg appliances, get another taste of it from Smeg cookware. 


Take advantage of this exclusive early access and complete your kitchen with Smeg cookware. Visit any of the Smeg Experience Centers at Park Terraces in Makati or Design Center in Mandaue. Or shop online at, Lazada, BeautyMNL, and Abenson. For inquiries, message the Smeg concierge at or @smegphilippines on Instagram and @smegph on Facebook.