It was in October 13, 2007, when Ton Concepcion signed an agreement with SMEG Italy, making Mondo Cucina, Inc. (MCI) the exclusive distributor of SMEG in the Philippines.

SMEG is short for Smalteria Metallurgica Emiliana Guastalla (metal enamelling factory based in Guastalla) which was founded in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni Sr. in the town of Guastalla, Emilia Romagna. This place is the heart of gastronomy and manufacturing in Italy, where Ferraris and Parmesan cheese are made. Ton and his wife, Karen fell in love with SMEG which they describe to be “the most beautiful and high-tech appliances in the world, ran by the most gracious people on Earth”.


Behind the business of distributing SMEG in the Philippines is Ton’s vision of bringing joy to customers. His idea is not confined to simply selling, he believes in building relationships. He wants the customer journey of buying and owning a SMEG to be a joyful experience from the first inquiry, until long after the sale has been closed. As hands-on owners, he and Karen are deeply involved in this journey which is made possible by having a professional team with a sense of business ownership and genuine care for customers.

This special customer journey is part of MCI’s mission to revolutionize the way appliances are sold in the country. So instead of going to chain stores, MCI pioneered a new retail format and launched the SMEG experience center which provides an opportunity for the customers to immerse in the brand and develop a full appreciation of the functional art that is SMEG. At the showrooms in Park Terraces, Makati and Design Center, Cebu; customers can discover the best things about SMEG and try using the products before they decide to buy. They can cook, bake, and whip up drinks alongside SMEG’s in-house experts.


SMEG is more than just the iconic FAB refrigerators that have grown a massive following. SMEG has a complete line of appliances which includes free-standing and built-in refrigerators, dishwashers, sinks and taps, hoods, pizza ovens, induction hobs, and range cookers. Also available are small kitchen appliances like toasters, stand mixers, kettles, and citrus juicers. SMEG has an extensive coffee line too: espresso coffee machines, drip coffee machines, coffee grinders, milk frothers, and built-in coffee makers that can produce many of your favorite concoctions, from a double shot espresso to a latte macchiato.

SMEG has the largest selection of styles and can go from modern to classic to retro. SMEG is really a one-stop shop for all kitchen requirements. They have a team of professionals that can provide services covering a wide range - kitchen design, project management, delivery, installation, repairs, and maintenance. To help customers realize their dream kitchen, kitchen cabinet partners with different styles and budgets are at the ready. You don’t need to go elsewhere.



Outside its brick and mortar branches, SMEG is a leader in e-commerce. Their delivery of small kitchen appliances within 24 hours has been highly applauded.

Their online store, has made shopping convenient. Purchasing becomes even easier with personalized assistance from the SMEG concierge. These are live human beings picking up calls and replying to messages until 2:00 am, joyfully helping build dream kitchens. You won’t encounter irritating automated chatbots on SMEG’s site.

SMEG has a strong presence on social media and actively connects with customers on several platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, and Viber. Their efforts have garnered excellent customer satisfaction ratings.


This 13th anniversary has been made exceptional by the pandemic. And the vision of bringing joy has turned out to be fortuitous, with record sales in 2020. Quarantined at home, people needed to soothe themselves from the stress brought about by the crisis. They looked for things to buy that reminded them of life’s beauty. With dining out restricted, they had to cook and replicate the feeling of eating in restaurants. They found themselves cooking more to keep busy and stay happy. The kitchen became a venue for bonding. And in the middle of all that, they found SMEG.

Now enjoying the SMEG lifestyle are tens of thousands of customers all around the Philippines, from as far north as Ilocos Norte to down south as Zamboanga del Sur.


SMEG has become a partner in their moments of joy. Whether it’s joy of cooking, joy of bonding, or joy of treating one’s self. This vision of joy has firmly established SMEG as the leading premium kitchen appliance brand in the Philippines.

Ton looks back on MCI’s 13 years with much gratitude, thankful for the opportunity given by SMEG Italy, and most of all, for the trust of customers. He feels extra blessed this 2020 because not only does he have a professional management team on board but his two daughters who are marketing savvy have also joined the company. Moving forward, he intends to continue investing heavily in joy by investing in both technology and people. Because from the beginning, making meaningful and joyful connections has been their business.