This just in: A fresh delivery of Smeg citrus juicers is arriving from Italy on October 15! We are replenishing our supply after our shelves were emptied in June. But we don’t expect this new stock to last very long. 


The pandemic has renewed our zest for a healthy lifestyle. And what better way to strengthen the immune system than with natural fruit juice? 


Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C which is known to largely contribute to the body’s defense mechanism. Research has also revealed that citrus fruits contain nutrients that are good for the heart, may help fight or protect against cancer, and may even reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. Best of all, citrus fruits are low in calories.


Lemons, oranges, and grapefruit are perfect for the Smeg citrus juicer. It runs on a powerful 70W motor, making it possible to squeeze out every nutritious drop from each fruit pulp. And you can rely on getting this superb performance consistently. 


All you have to do is press the citrus half onto the juicing cone and the motor will start up automatically. When you remove the fruit from the cone, the motor will automatically stop.


It’s a convenient, no-waste, no-mess process. The juice collector and non-drip stainless steel spout ensure that your juicing corner stays tidy and neat. The appliance components are removable for easy washing and it comes with a dust cover so it stays clean, always ready for the next time you need to use it. 

The Smeg citrus juicer is built with high-quality, non-corrosive materials that offer optimal safety and durability. BPA-free Tritan is an innovation that makes the Smeg citrus juicer light yet impact-resistant. 


With its gorgeous, curvy, iconic 50s retro design, the Smeg citrus juicer is eye candy in any color. Whether you go for cream, black, red, pink, pastel green, or pastel blue; it will add character to your kitchen. Pretty things also make for good motivation on days when you struggle to stay on the wellness track and would rather skip juicing. 

Another way to keep your enthusiasm going is by adding variety to what you make. Pure citrus juice can get boring, so why not throw in a twist or two, and concoct your own mixes? How about combining with other ingredients that are beneficial to the body, as well? Maybe pour in some honey, add turmeric tea? 


Maîtres Cuisiniers de France-recognized chef, Cyrille Soenen has a fantastic recipe for an energizing beverage that you can access here


Bear in mind that extract from citrus fruits is not just for drinks, you can also use it as an ingredient for your main course or in your desserts. How about riding the trend and learning how to bake? Have you tried the cake flavor-of-the-moment - lemon extra virgin olive oil? Or once in a while, skip the brownies and have some lemon squares instead. You just might be surprised at the versatility of the Smeg citrus juicer. 

Order now and get a discount of 15% from the regular price tag of P9,995.


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