Have you heard about the latest addition to the local Smeg line-up? Several units of the ALFA43K Home Business Oven arrived on our shores some weeks back and before we could make our big announcement, our supply was wiped out. As soon as we released teasers about the electric countertop oven, customers placed their orders. 


We gathered together some of these early buyers to hear what they have to say about the Smeg ALFA43K Home Business Oven. Among the most eager was Lourdes Mijares-Aguiling who couldn’t wait to pass down her passion for baking to her granddaughter, “I got excited that’s why I bought the Smeg oven. Finally, we have something that’s not too bulky! And my daughter actually loves Smeg, that’s why.” 


“It’s sexy!,” rationalizes Amor Quiniones who is behind Mrs. Q’s Cakes and Pastries. Perhaps this appeal is due to the brand’s Italian heritage of style and technology or possibly the association with its iconic 50s design Fab refrigerators.



However, the Smeg ALFA43K Home Business Oven looks very modern with its boxy form and stainless steel finish. Its size makes it very attractive to many. “I don’t have enough space in my baking studio but the Smeg ALFA is so compact, I just set it down where my dehydrator used to be and it fit perfectly. I’m left with so much more space for my cooling racks,” Amor describes.


Despite measuring merely 24 x 23 x 21 inches, the Smeg ALFA has an enormous 54-liter chamber with four layers. “Whatever I could bake in the big oven, I could bake here also. My Sans Rival is 7x11 inches so the pan is double that size, my main concern before buying was if my pan will fit in the Smeg ALFA and it does so I’m so happy,” attests Lou Declaro who had to pause her cake business since taking on a full time job. “My old big oven stands on the floor, which means I have to bend to work with it. The Smeg ALFA is very ergonomic since it’s positioned on a counter, it’s at eye level. Then when you open it, you already have four layers there,” she continues with appreciation.


Inside, the Smeg ALFA is flawlessly coated with Smeg’s patented Ever Clean Enamel which prevents cracking. The robust construction guarantees reliable function for many years, as Smeg appliances have been known to deliver for the past seven decades.


Dependability is crucial in business, you can’t let your customers down. Michelle Gatdula knows this very well. Her little side hustle My Kookie Says augments her income and allows her to have fun at the same time.


She reveals that her kitchen’s output has increased immensely since she started using the Smeg ALFA. “In our old oven, I couldn’t do two batches at the same time because the cookies come out unevenly baked. With the Smeg ALFA, I can put in four batches simultaneously and I don’t have to worry about the temperature, the cookies do not come out overcooked nor undercooked, everything’s perfect. So I no longer spend the entire day baking and I can dispatch the orders on the same day I made them”.



Mylene Capili has the same experience using the Smeg ALFA for her 8-year-old enterprise, Inang Charing Cakes & Pastries. “Smeg ALFA has helped us for large batches of baking. Now we can open more slots,  accept more orders for cakes and lasagna, and serve more customers because we are able to get the job done quicker.”


The Smeg ALFA is a workhorse that can withstand high production demands. It is meant for more than household use and built to support commercial requirements. Fast and even baking is assured by two powerful heating elements, one on the cavity roof and another on its base. A fan in the rear portion guarantees excellent airflow control. Because heat distribution is uniform and optimal, the baking result is consistent on all shelves despite a full load. And even if you fill up all the trays with different items and bake them all at once, the odor and flavors will not intermingle or be transferred.


Resyl Mason is a nutritionist and dietician who is always on a quest to create healthier products for her family. “In our other oven, I had to bake in batches. With the Smeg ALFA, all my cookies are done in 10 minutes so I can spend more time doing other stuff.” This made her see the potential of using the Smeg ALFA for business. Perhaps sometime in the near future, when she and her husband finally decide to take the leap and open a coffee shop.


Amor echoes the Smeg ALFA’s efficiency.  “I used to spend the whole morning in the kitchen, with the Smeg ALFA, I’ve cut it down to 3 hours so I don’t have to wake up so early anymore.”


But what sealed the deal for Lou was that the Smeg ALFA runs on electricity. She feels safer using an electric oven than one powered by gas. “And sometimes, in the middle of baking, oh my gosh, you’ll notice the temperature dropping because you’ve ran out of LPG. It’s so inconvenient and stressful to replace the tank, to call a dealer and have them deliver immediately. Now, with my Smeg ALFA, I feel more confident that I will finish baking without such disturbance,” she adds. 



The Smeg ALFA only consumes 3.0kW per hour which is equivalent to a spending of approximately P36.00 per hour. Amor who has her Smeg ALFA hooked up to their solar panels proudly declares that she can run her oven without worrying about any bills.


While the Smeg ALFA performs at the professional level, a beginner can easily operate it.  Very user-friendly, it has uncomplicated knobs for the temperature setting which ranges from 50°C to 250°C, and the timer which clocks up to 60 minutes. Upkeep is not a burden, you can tidy it up effortlessly because the exceptional interior surface enables easy removal of grime and grease from splashes and drippings. In addition, the inner glass of the double glazed drop-down door is removable so you can take it out for a thorough wiping.


Whether you are an entrepreneur or just someone who finds joy in cooking and baking, you will be impressed by the Smeg ALFA43K Home Business Oven. 


The Smeg ALFA43K Home Business Oven is available at the Smeg Experience Center at Park Terraces in Makati or Design Center in Mandaue. You may also purchase at our home kitchen appliance store. For inquiries, message the Smeg concierge at sales@smegphilippines.com or @smegphilippines on Instagram and @smegph on Facebook.