Filipinos are rice eaters but we also have an appreciation for bread. While it may not be a very popular staple for lunch and dinner, it is often the go-to for a quick breakfast or snack. There’s nothing like freshly-baked bread but when that’s not always accessible, what can we do? Toast the bread. Depending on the browning level, toasting can just simply reinvigorate bread or alter its texture and flavor.  

The Smeg 2-slice toaster has 6 browning levels to choose from. And it works fast, capable of achieving a light brown or level 3 toast in just 1.5 minutes. But even if you choose a level that takes a bit longer, you don’t have to worry about having to stand next to the toaster to monitor. You can busy yourself with other things because the bread will automatically pop up when it is ready. The Smeg toaster is a perfect breakfast appliance, ideal for mornings when you’re rushing and juggling several things.

You may be wondering what to use the toaster for aside from sliced bread. Don’t let the two slots fool you, the Smeg toaster is more versatile than you think. It can toast any type of bread you can find at the baker’s. 


1. White bread


White bread is one of the easiest to find. Often baked commercially, it is commonly available, and can usually be purchased in supermarkets and even corner stores. It’s the default choice for sandwiches. You can enjoy the soft and springy slices with anything from cheese to cold cuts and fresh vegetables. The Smeg toaster sandwich rack accessory makes it possible to heat even a filled sandwich. Sold separately, it securely holds together the sandwich in the toaster. 

2. Ciabatta


Ciabatta is an Italian bread that is chewy and speckled with air holes inside. It can be enjoyed dipped in soup, with just a spread of butter, or halved for a sandwich. The Smeg toaster has two slots that can accommodate bread up to 30 mm thick so there’s space for warming even a hefty ciabatta. If the bread happens to be frozen, the Smeg toaster conveniently has a defrost function that makes it possible to serve bread straight from the freezer, it gently defrosts frozen bread and toasts it to your selected degree of brown. If you’d like a wee bit more browning after your bread has popped up, you may use the Smeg toaster’s reheat function.



3. Bagel


The bagel is a donut-shaped roll characterized by a shiny, slightly crisp surface and a dense interior. It is boiled or steamed before baking. Some of its variants have nuts, fruits, seeds, and spices. It is usually taken with cream cheese or smoked salmon but you can enjoy it with anything you desire. The best of this traditional Jewish specialty is said to be found in New York. The Smeg toaster has a bagel function that enables you to toast only one side of a bagel or any other type of bread, so one side can be crisp and you can keep the other soft.

4. Pan de sal


Pan de sal is the quintessential Filipino breakfast. While its name means ‘salted bread’, it is sweet more than salty. It used to be sold only at the crack of dawn but is now available in many bakeries all day. And with the Smeg toaster’s bun warmer optional accessory, you can have hot pan de sal any time. Just position the bun warmer on top of the toaster to warm bread and pastries that can’t fit inside the slots. Pan de sal can be eaten with any of your favorite spreads and fillings but its classic partner is coffee, with the pan de sal dunked in the cup. This soft, airy roll is covered with breadcrumbs.  Don’t worry about things getting a little messy. If you have a Smeg toaster, the crumb tray will catch whatever spills and it is easy to empty after every use.

Make your breakfast and snacks more interesting by mixing up your bread menu. There’s no limit in the type of bread that the Smeg toaster can accommodate. This appliance is adaptable and has features that make toasting convenient plus it’s a beautiful piece of functional art. Its iconic 50s look will add flair to your kitchen. It is the best toaster to buy. The Smeg toaster is available in black, red, pastel blue, and pastel green.


Give the Smeg toaster a try at the Smeg Experience Center at Park Terraces in Makati or Design Center in Mandaue. Or shop online at For inquiries, message the Smeg concierge at or @smegphilippines on Instagram and @smegph on Facebook.