FAB28RDGC5 | Divina Cucina Carretto Refrigerator


Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg continue the journey that join their artistic sensibilities to discover the colours and beauty of Sicily to celebrate the authentically ‘Made in Italy’ project under the shared standard of creativity, art, and design. A revolutionary collaboration that has created a new perception of home appliances, no longer mere products, but true works of art.

This FAB28 Divina Cucina Refrigerator is inspired by the carretelle, recalling the traditional Sicilian vehicle in its forms and colours. On the front of the refrigerator, we find bright yellow fret patterns that evoke the sun of the Mediterranean island, along with a cart wheel, homage to one of the quintessential symbols of Sicilian craftsmanship. In the center is a large oval that frames a composition of fruits from the land of Trinacria: lemons, prickly pears, pomegranates, grapes, oranges, and blossoming tangerines against an orange background and surrounded by checkerboard motifs.


  Fan Assisted Cooling

Circular Arrow Clockwise  Multi-Flow Cooling System - optimises the distribution of cold and humidity to assure an even temperature throughout the main compartment and the vegetables drawer.

 Automatic Defrost for Refrigerator | Manual Defrost for Freezer

  Electronic Temperature Control with Rapid Cooling

  Lifeplus 0°C Compartment

  LED Lighting

 Fruit & Vegetable Drawer with Humidity Regulator



DIMENSIONS: 1530x601x728mm



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