C9IMX9-1 | 90CM Sinfonia Free Standing Cooker with 5-Zone Induction Hob & Thermo-ventilated Oven

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Modern yet simple, the Sinfonia range cooker leaves a bold statement with its features such as the MultiZone induction hob with Power Booster, which allows the combination of two single induction zones for a cooking surface that can hold pans of all sizes. Its thermo-ventilated electric oven ensures tastier meals, juicier meat, and even baking. Digital touch controls make the hob convenient to use and the residual heat indicator helps prevent contact with the warm cooking zones. Its Vapor Clean capability cleans through the help of steam which is simple, eco-friendly, and uses less energy.


  5-Zone (Multizone) Induction Hob with Power Booster

  Thermo-ventilated Electric Oven

  9 Cooking Functions

  Vapor Cleaning System

  Energy Efficiency A


 115L Oven Capacity

DIMENSIONS: (H x W x D) 900x900x600 mm
WEIGHTL 78.5 kg


AVAILABLE DISPLAY UNIT - Smeg Makati Experience Center (Park Terraces)