FAB28RPK5 | FAB28 Refrigerator Pink

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The Smeg FAB refrigerator is a household appliance and piece of art rolled into one. It has become iconic with its curved corners, chrome details, and vibrant colors reminiscent of the 50s. 


A beauty inside and out, the Smeg FAB 28 boasts of a multi-flow cooling system that enables uniform distribution of cold air throughout the refrigerator cavity, this is critical in the preservation of food. It has a special compartment with a ventilation and humidity regulator that is specifically for storing fruits and vegetables. The FAB 28 runs on an inverter compressor so it produces very little noise, is durable, and energy-saving.


 Inverter Technology

Circular Arrow Clockwise  Multi-Flow Cooling System - optimises the distribution of cold and humidity to assure an even temperature throughout the main compartment and the vegetables drawer.

Automatic Defrost for Refrigerator | Manual Defrost for Freezer

  Fan Assisted Cooling

  Electronic Temperature Control with Rapid Cooling

  Lifeplus 0°C Compartment

  LED Lighting

 Fruit & Vegetable Drawer with Humidity Regulator



DIMENSIONS: 1530x601x728mm



AVAILABLE DISPLAY UNIT - Smeg Makati Experience Center (Park Terraces)