FAB32RPK5 | FAB32 Refrigerator Pink

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The Smeg FAB refrigerator is a household appliance and piece of art rolled into one. It has become iconic with its curved corners, chrome details, and vibrant colors reminiscent of the 50s.


Behind the elegant midcentury double doors of the Smeg FAB 32 is a whopping 304-liter space. It operates with a double cooling system which is responsible for maintaining ideal humidity so that vegetables can stay fresh longer in the refrigerator while freezer burn and ice crystals formation are prevented in the freezer. This also helps to avoid odor transfer between the two sections. Within the freezer are two shelves plus three drawers, one of which is a fast freezing compartment. Because it is a total no frost, maintenance is effortless. As an inverter type, it has an impressive A+++ energy rating.


 Inverter Technology

Circular Arrow Clockwise  Multi-Flow Cooling System - optimises the distribution of cold and humidity to assure an even temperature throughout the main compartment and the vegetables drawer

  Total No Frost

  Fan Assisted Cooling

  Electronic Temperature Control with Rapid Cooling

  Lifeplus 0°C Compartment

  LED Lighting & Display 

 Fruit & Vegetable Drawer with Humidity Regulator



DIMENSIONS: 1968x601x728 mm