A5-81 | 150CM Opera Cooker with Dual Thermo-ventilated Ovens & 7 Gas Burners

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Minimal design, maximum performance. The opera range cooker is the ideal partner in preparing a feast for a big family or when entertaining guests. Multi-tasking is made easy with 7 gas burners which includes 2 dual burners, a BBQ electric zone, and two full-sized thermo-ventilated electric ovens. One of which is  a pizza oven that allows easy and convenient cooking of homemade pizzas in just 3 to5 minutes.Its Vapor Clean functionality cleans through the help of steam which is simple, eco-friendly, and uses less energy.


  7-Gas Burners (including 2 dual burners) with BBQ Electric Zone

  Double Thermo-ventilated Electric Ovens

  9 Cooking Functions

  Pizza Oven

  Energy Efficiency A


DIMENSIONS: (H x W x D) 900x1500x600 mm
WEIGHT: 170.1 kg


AVAILABLE DISPLAY UNIT - Smeg Makati Experience Center (Park Terraces)