ALFA43K Home Business Oven, 60CM

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Small in size, big in possibilities!


Smeg Philippines introduces the Smeg ALFA43K home business oven. It is a portable countertop electric oven, conveniently compact and can easily slide into any corner of your home. Each shelf is provided with a flat aluminum tray measuring 435mm x 320mm. Baking in large batches is not an issue. So if there is any intention of going into business, acquiring a Smeg ALFA43K countertop electric oven is a step in the right direction because this oven can withstand high production demands and is at par with the commercial workhorses.


 54L Capacity with 4 Shelves 

  3.0kW per hour = 36 pesos/hour ONLY!

 Convection cooking 

  Electric Oven

 Ever-clean enameled cavity

 Removable inner glass

 Simple Knobs to adjust time & temperature 

 Consistency in Baking

  Compact Countertop Oven


DIMENSIONS MM (WxDxH): 602x584x537