Shipping and Delivery Policy


1. Delivery and shipment of orders within the Philippines shall be handled by Mondo Cucina or its affiliate companies or parties as long as destination is covered by its delivery network.

Delivery of the products shall be made to the address you specify in your Order.

2. Orders are normally dispatched on the third day after the order was accepted.

Delivery lead time are as follows: Working days are defined as “Monday-Saturday” and not including holidays and Sundays. Delivery time : 9am to 6pm, we will call the Customer if ever we can still deliver beyond 6pm and we will only proceed upon their confirmation.

a) 1 - 3 working days within Metro Manila

b) 5 - 7 working days for Luzon Area

c) 8 - 15 working days for Visayas and Mindanao

3. Upon delivery of item, the cardholder should present the following:

a) Confirmation letter

b) Valid ID with photo and signature. (Please refer to acceptable Government valid ID listed under Order Requirements)

4. In the absence of the cardholder, an authorized representative may receive the product provided the following will be presented:

a) Confirmation letter

b) Signed authorization letter from cardholder

c) Clear copy of cardholder’s valid ID with photo and signature

d) Clear copy of representative’s valid ID with photo and signature

5. Please observe the guidelines upon delivery

Which was mentioned above as there will be no release of item without the confirmation letter, valid ID of cardholder, signed authorization letter, if applicable and copy of representative’s valid ID, if applicable.

6. Mondo Cucina shall not be held liable for non-delivery of product due to the following circumstances beyond Mondo Cucina control and its affiliate partners:

a) Unavailability of cardholder or authorized representative

b) Incomplete or incorrect address.

c) Force majeure or act of God including calamity or bad weather condition, strikes, etc.Mondo Cucina reserves the right to charge additional delivery fee/s after the first unsuccessful delivery attempt due to unavailability of the receiver. Mondo Cucina shall wait for customer’s/cardholder’s advice before proceeding to the delivery attempt. If delivery failed on the third attempt, the transaction shall be deemed terminated. Delivery fees and other payments made shall be forfeited.

7. You acknowledge that delivery of the Products is subject to availability of the Products but you acknowledge that while stock information on the site is updated regularly, it is possible that in some instances a Product may become unavailable between updates.

All delivery timeframes given are estimates only and delays can occur. If the delivery of your Product is delayed, Mondo Cucina will inform you accordingly via e-mail and your Product will be dispatched as soon as it becomes available. The time for delivery shall not be of the essence, and (nor any of its affiliates) shall not be liable for any delay in delivery whatsoever caused. In the event you do not receive the Product by the projected delivery date and provided that you inform Mondo Cucina within 3 days immediately from such projected delivery date, Mondo Cucina will try to locate and deliver the Product. If Mondo Cucina does not hear from you within 3 days from such projected delivery date, you shall be deemed to have received the Product subject to your rights under Philippine law.