According to 2018 reports, most Filipino coffee drinkers consume an average of 2.5 servings of coffee daily. Apparently, coffee has gone beyond just being a morning staple. Whatever time of the day you feel like having your caffeine fix, you can effortlessly prepare a cup with the Smeg drip filter coffee machine.


Operating it is a no brainer. Just pour in medium ground coffee and water, push a couple of buttons then let the machine do the rest. Whether it’s just for your solo me time or for a big group of guests, the Smeg drip filter coffee machine’s got you covered, it can be programmed to produce one to 10 cups.



The Smeg drip filter coffee machine has an auto start mode that allows you to schedule when you’d like it to switch on and get brewing. This makes it possible to have freshly brewed coffee waiting for you when you wake up in the morning. Maybe the smell of coffee wafting in the air will help get you out of bed faster, you can adjust the aroma intensity level from delicate to intense. If your coffee routine is intercepted by urgent to-dos, don’t worry, the keep warm plate activates automatically after the coffee has been brewed so your coffee remains hot for 20 minutes.


Earth warriors will be happy to know that the Smeg drip filter coffee machine has a stainless steel permanent filter, no need to use paper. You just have to keep the filter clean all the time by washing it under tap water and drying it thoroughly, or just toss it in a dishwasher.


A deeper cleaning is needed to address the mineral buildup which can affect the water temperature and coffee flavor, and eventually cause bigger problems. Regular descaling is a must. The harder the water, the higher the tendency to clog the metal tubes of the coffee maker, which means the more frequent you need to do descaling. Water hardness refers to the amount of minerals in your water, specifically calcium and magnesium. The Smeg drip filter coffee machine automatically schedules descaling based on the water hardness level that you set. An alert goes off to remind you about it.



The Smeg drip filter coffee machine is not only a delight to use, it’s lovely to look at too. The iconic retro design of its stainless steel and plastic body makes it a conversation piece and adds aesthetic value to any space. It exudes a different character depending on the color, it is available in pastel blue, pastel green, red, cream, and black.


In 2018, this beautiful little piece of appliance was given the prestigious GOOD DESIGN® Award. This honor is reserved for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world. The following year, the Smeg drip filter coffee machine was also recognized with a Red Dot Design Award from one of the world’s largest and the most renowned design competitions which receives more than 18,000 entries yearly from over 70 countries.


These awards are testimonials to the Smeg promise of combining technology and style. With the product being backed by over 70 years of Italian expertise, you can rest easy that it is built to serve for a long time.



Brew yourself a cup of joe using the Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine. Visit the Smeg Experience Center at Park Terraces in Makati or Design Center in Mandaue. You may also shop from the Smeg pop-up store at MOA Square in Pasay or online at, Lazada, BeautyMNL, or Abenson. For inquiries, message the Smeg concierge at or @smegphilippines on Instagram and @smegph on Facebook.