The community quarantine has so many of us cooking up a storm and eating constantly - from morning to midnight. But who is washing the dishes? 

Whoever it is, must not be so thrilled. With all members of the household present all day, every day, there’s just too many to be soaped, scrubbed, and rinsed. The kitchen is buzzing with activity at an unprecedented level. Those assigned at the sink are having difficulty keeping up. 

To make life easier, why not get a dishwasher? Smeg’s line-up has three models. There is a free-standing version that you can simply plug and use immediately. Also available are the semi-integrated and under-counter options which can blend beautifully with your kitchen design. 


With the pandemic, the usual manual method of dishwashing is no longer good enough. High-performance washing is what the times call for. It is now more than ever, that you need a dishwashing equipment. Because sanitization is of utmost importance, and for thorough cleansing to be achieved, proper water temperature is required. Smeg dishwashers can operate from 30 to 70 degrees celsius. Our hands cannot handle water that hot! All three models in the line-up are equipped with UltraClean, a special anti-bacterial wash program which rinses at the maximum temperature setting so everything icky is eliminated – from dry, hardened food to bacteria that cause diseases. Not only do your plates come out squeaky clean, but they’re also disinfected. 

Aside from staying healthy, living sustainably is also a must. These days, we cannot afford to waste a single drop of water. According to the World Wildlife Fund, at our current water consumption rate, by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. You wouldn’t want to contribute to that problem. Because Smeg dishwashers are built with Energy Save technology, they consume almost 10 times less water than dishwashing by hand. That’s 12 liters of water per cycle versus roughly 102 liters used up during handwashing of the same load. Huge difference!

Smeg dishwashers are energy-efficient, the free-standing and semi-integrated models have a rating of A+ while the under-counter scores A++ The higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the appliance is. The more energy-efficient an appliance is, the less electricity it consumes, and the more money you save.



Standard Smeg dishwashers run with the Orbital wash system, a feature that consists of a double spray arm with contra-action rotation which distributes water evenly throughout the cavity for excellent wash quality and a greatly reduced noise level.

The top of the line models highlight the planetarium technology, a mechanism consisting of an arm that rotates in planetary motion and is equipped with 4 jets positioned in different levels, which guarantees maximum wash coverage within the dishwasher. No spot is missed! Yet it keeps even the most delicate ware safe, so you can wash your prized heirloom pieces in the Smeg dishwasher. 

Extremely convenient to use, Smeg dishwashers only require a press of a few buttons and the machine will do the rest. There are pre-set programs for your every need. From Rapid 27, a quick 27-minute process for dishes with light dirt to Ultra Clean, 160 minutes of action for very dirty pans and dishes with dried-on residue. And several more in between.



We recently heard from Mara Padilla Evangelista-Huber, a happy customer reaping the rewards of her purchase. “Our Smeg dishwasher is efficient, quiet, and fits our home aesthetic perfectly! Most importantly, it saves us so much time so we can spend it with people and things that matter. This is really a mom’s dream come true!” she enthused. So Smeg dishwashers not only let you save water and energy, it allows you to save time too!

All Smeg dishwashers have a large volume capacity of 280 liters which roughly translates to 22 pieces of big dinner plates, a dozen small/medium plates, 15 saucers, and 10 drinking glasses. The steel baskets are foldable and can be configured in a variety of ways to hold different types of loads. So yes, you can even throw in your pots and pans, even baby bottles. A mini caddy is available to keep cutleries in place. The under-counter model has an additional upper cutlery caddy for better space efficiency.

Each Smeg dishwasher boasts of electronic controls as well as acoustic signals and LED displays. There’s never worry about flooding because Smeg’s Single Aquastop technology offers protection from any water loss. On the other hand, heat damage to your precious crockery and the machine itself is avoided because the heating element of the dishwashers are concealed.


Prices start at a reasonable P 31,995. It’s so much value for your money. And we’re giving you a 15% discount if you get your Smeg dishwasher today! 

Every purchase of a Smeg dishwasher comes with a complimentary set of dishwasher tablets. The tablets are also available at leading supermarkets. A pack of 50 is priced at around Php 2,700 which amounts to only Php 54.00 per wash. 

To learn more about Smeg dishwashers, visit, You may also message your Smeg concierge at or @smegphilippines on Instagram and @smegph on Facebook. 


Smeg is a trusted Italian brand of domestic appliances known for durability and reliability. Its history dates back to 1948. All these years, Smeg has been reputed for marrying technology with style. In the Philippines, the exclusive distributor and after-sales service provider is Mondo Cucina, which also takes care of dishwasher installation.