You’ve probably imagined your dream kitchen many times, but how do you turn this vision into reality? 


They say it all begins by writing things down, so let’s get started with your list before you hit any home appliances store. Be clear with your goals so you don’t easily get lured by the first thing you see or by attractive bargains. 


When buying kitchen appliances, it is not enough to pick items that appeal to your senses. They must, first and foremost, serve your needs. And not just for the moment, but in the long term. It’s a hefty investment so be sure to get the most out of it.


At Smeg, we focus on quality, aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality. While we are headquartered in Italy, our wide range of appliances has gained a following from a wide market that encompasses five continents. Many have constructed Smeg kitchens as their dream kitchen. 


Maybe you would like to assemble your own dream Smeg kitchen too, so we’re giving you a quick rundown of our kitchen appliances that you may choose from. 

1. Cooker/Oven/Hob


Range cooker 

The Smeg range cookers are popular because they have both a cooktop and an oven, some models even have multiple ovens.They are free-standing kitchen units and are immediately ready for use. You just have to decide if you want a gas/electric or induction/electric combo. Options for sizes are 60cm, 90cm, and 150cm. Choices for aesthetic lines are the retro Victoria, colorful Portofino, and versatile Opera. 

Built-in hob

Smeg carries a variety of built-in hobs, the brand offers gas hobs and electric hobs. If you prefer an induction hob, that’s available too. Smeg also has barbecue grill hobs.

Built-in oven

The Smeg built-in ovens can operate on two special settings – pizza function and steam oven. Its Thermoseal technology guarantees properly controlled cooking that’s safe. They come in two sizes (60 cm and 90 cm) and three different designs. Linea is for the modern minimalist, Classic is for those in search of something timeless yet with a modern feel, and Victoria is best for the ones who favor Smeg’s signature 1950s style.

2. Hood


Nobody is ever happy walking around smelling like the day’s meal, so a proper kitchen hood is a necessity. To effectively get rid of smoke and foul odor, you need to get a hood size that matches your cooker or built-in oven. Smeg hoods are available in 60cm, 90cm, and 150cm. Design-wise, you’ll find trapezoid, wall-mounted, and island styles.

3. Sink and tap

Kitchen work involves a lot of washing so you can’t do without this plumbing fixture. Smeg offers two sink types: single bowl and double bowl. Sizes are 45cm, 60cm, and 150cm. As for the taps, you can opt for a movable swivel spout or a fixed standard type. 

4. Dishwasher

If a sink piled with soiled items bothers you, treat yourself to a dishwashing machine so you can just throw your dirty dishes in and they can be squeaky clean again in less than 30 minutes. Smeg’s product inventory includes built-in and free-standing dishwashers so there’s no excuse not to get one.

5. Refrigerator

The best dishes require the freshest ingredients and ingredients can only stay fresh if stored properly. For refrigerators, Smeg’s 50s style FAB is a prime choice. They’re more than just eye candy. Similar to the Smeg built-in and Smeg free-standing side by side refrigerators, the FABs runs on an inverter and are equipped with a no-frost system. 

6. Microwave oven

Our fast-paced lifestyle has made the microwave oven a must-have. It makes quick meals and cheeky midnight snacks a cinch to prepare. Smeg’s built-in microwave ovens flawlessly complement the built-in ovens. 

7. Coffee machines 

Replicate the café experience at home and be your own barista with the Smeg free-standing and built-in coffee machines. The built-in coffee machines come with a milk frother so you can professionally whip up anything from an espresso to a macchiato. A milk frother is also installed in the Smeg espresso machine. But you can buy a Smeg milk frother solo too. The Smeg drip filter coffee machine is the top choice for cup after cup of perfect americano. For freshly ground coffee beans, the Smeg coffee grinder can be your go-to.

8. Food preparation

The tedious task of food preparation is made more convenient by the Smeg stand mixer. Its capabilities are not limited to baking. It does an all-around job because it can be fitted with accessories such as an ice cream maker, slicer and grater, pasta roller, and meat grinder. For an effortless concoction of soups and smoothies, the powerful Smeg blender is the answer.

9. Breakfast cooker 

Start your day right bright with the vibrant line-up of Smeg small domestic appliances. It’s all you need for a balanced breakfast. With the Smeg citrus juicer, you can squeeze out all the goodness from the most nutritious fruits and have a refreshing beverage first thing in the morning. If a warm drink is what you prefer, the Smeg kettle can deliver in under two minutes. For bread toasted to your liking, you cannot go wrong with the Smeg retro toaster which has eight browning settings to choose from. 


If you are curious about any of these products and want to try how they work, drop by the Smeg Experience Center at Park Terraces in Makati or Design Center in Mandaue. Or you may shop online at For inquiries, message the Smeg concierge at or @smegphilippines on Instagram and @smegph on Facebook.